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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much land does the Ford Ranch Cover?

A: It covers a little over 3200 acres, or 50 square miles.

Q: Can you hunt on Sunday in Texas?

A: Yes

Q: Can you hunt all day in Texas?

A: You can hunt all day in Texas seven days a week, there are no time restrictions.

On Buck Hunting

Q: How do I go about booking for next year?

A: Hunters who hunt with us and behave themselves have a right to rebook while they are here, if they rebook they receive and invitation letter in late January and their deposit is due Feb 15. We begin booking new or replacement hunters after that time. We also have a waiting list of hunters who wish to get in, itís a good idea to get on that list if you are serious, we often have last minute cancellations.

Q: What is your rebooking rate?

A: Rebooking rate is never less than 85%, many times its higher, we put on a good hunt, people enjoy themselves and like to come back.

Q: Are there any additional add on fees or trophy fees?

A: No. The fee we charge is stated on this site, the only addition is whatever you choose to tip your guide.

Q: How large a guide tip am I expected too make?

A: A guide is insulted if he receives less than $200 per person for the weekend hunt. Many times a guide will receive $300-$400 per person for a weekend hunt. If you feel your guide does not deserve a tip, take the issue up with Ranch Manger Forrest Armke

Q: What do the Guides do?

A: Guides fill all their own feeders, prepare, and repair their own blinds. Scout their country so they know where the best chances of getting you a large buck are. Use their personal vehicles, tires, and fuel. Most of the guides live over three hours from the ranch, they drive in Friday night hunt Saturday Sunday and Monday . Monday night after they are threw hunting they drive home, work their regular jobs the rest of the week then begin the process over again on Friday night.

Q: Why donít you hunt during the week?

A: We have found that scheduling our hunts for hunters to come in Friday, hunt Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, fits most peoples schedule better. And also by resting the deer throughout the rest of the week, we have more successful hunts throughout the year, because the deer are not constantly pressured. We find the same to be true on our turkey hunts.

Q: Which one of your hunts is the best one to book on?

A: We have been doing this for 20 years on this Ranch, and have yet to see a pattern its just a matter of how you hit the weather. One year the biggest buck will be killed on the first hunt. Another year the biggest buck will be killed on the last hunt, or any one inbetween. You never can tell.

Q: When is the rut?

A: The rut normally peeks in mid November, but because we have a buck for every two does, there is rutting activity starting in October, and it is common to see rutting activity still going on in January.

Q: Does the Ford Ranch have a deer proof fence?

A: No. The Ford Ranch has around 54 miles of outside fence line.

Q: What am I allowed to harvest on this hunt?

A: One trophy buck of your choice, one pencil horned spike NO FORKS, and three does. OR if you choose you can take your trophy buck and four does.

Q: What about management bucks?

A: If you want to take a management buck. A management buck, guides choice, is $800.

Q: What do you mean Guides Choice?

A: The Guides are all Extremely experienced hunters. They know what we call a management deer on the Ford Ranch and they must approve a Management deer before it can be harvested and come out of their country.

Q: On the Meat hunt, Hunt#7, what am I allowed to harvest?

A: On hunt #7, our doe and spike hunt, you are allowed to take 5 deer. You are allowed to take a combination of does and pencil horn spikes, NO FORKS, With no more than two spike bucks with a total of five deer. In other words 1 spike and 4 Doe, 2 spike and 3 doe, or 5 doe.

Q: What do you call a spike?

A: On the Ford Ranch we Describe a spike as, single penciled horn type horns with no forks.

Q: Why leave small forked horn deer?

A: We like to give them a chance to see what their genetic capability is, often they are nothing more than late term fawns who havenít had as much time to grow their horns their first year.

Q: How important is your doe and spike harvest in your management plan?

A: Our de and spike hunt is the most important hunt we have in terms of Trophy management. This hunt keeps our over all herd numbers down, so that the deer can survive extremely well on natural habitat.

Q: Do you feed protein?

A: No. We manage our habitat in such a manner as to provide natural forage for all wild life.

Q: What do you mean manage your habitat?

A: WE manage our habitat threw livestock manipulation. We run our livestock in large herds rotating them throughout the ranch giving each pasture a minimum of 60 days to rest after livestock is in it for a short time.

Q: Will I be hunting in a pasture with livestock?

A: Each guide has multiple pastures and will never have livestock in more than one of his pastures at a time. He will always have pastures with no livestock in them.

Q: Do livestock affect the wildlife?

A: They commingle and exist in each others presence with out any great confrontations, the main thing the wild life are not used too, are humans. To wildlife humans are predators, Livestock are not predators only occasionally a nuisance to them.

On Turkey Hunting

Q: What species of Turkey do you have on the Ranch?

A: Rio Grande

Q: How do you hunt the Turkey on the ranch?

A: When you come to the Ford Ranch to hunt you are assigned a hunting area. You are given a map of that area, shown on the map where the roosts are in that area, and where the watering locations are in that area, and you go in and out of your assigned area on your own

Q: When do I start my hunt?

A: All hunts start on Friday afternoon, you hunt Saturday, Sunday, and Monday till noon.

Q: Why is my first hunt in the afternoon?

A: Its daylight when you go in this way. It helps you learn the land and the roads getting in and out. This also allows you to get an idea of where the turkeys are roosting for the morning hunt too come.

Q: How many roost sites are there on the Ford Ranch?

A: The Ford Ranch has over 60 permanent roosting areas and many sub roosting areas that are only used occasionally

Q: Why donít you hunt during the week?

A: We have found that scheduling our hunts for hunters to come in Friday, hunt Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, fits most peoples schedule better. And also by resting the turkey throughout the rest of the week, we have more successful hunts throughout the year, because the turkeys are not constantly pressured. We find the same to be true on our deer hunts.

Q: How close am I allowed to hunt the roost?

A: WE Encourage you to stay at least 150 yards from the roost site. It is against the Law in Texas to shoot birds from the roost. We encourage the 150 yard distance because when you shoot a bird too close to the roost the birds of that roost site ill leave the area, because you have come into their home and disturbed them. It has been documented, with telemetric collars that once birds are disturbed in their roost site they will move as far as 28 miles before they settle down again. In our case that would mean loosing the birds from the Ranch. So we Encourage people to hunt the travel lanes at a good distance from the Roost. We had a case in the 1980's where two gentlemen from New York shot up a roost area and birds did not use that roost again for 12 years. That particular roost prior to them shooting on it, never had less than 150 birds on it at a time. It is very easy too tell when someone has done this, we check our roosts regularly, and if a roost area has been shot on, when we check it there will be no roost gobbles at all from that area, the birds will be gone. We will go in and check the area to see why and generally can find the evidence where the hunters have gone up under the roost and shot into it. 150 yards is our buffer zone so the birds have a safe place and wonít leave the country.

Q: What calling works best in your area?

A: A very Quiet call works best, sound travels very well here. You cannot call loudly in this area, if you do the gobblers will respond with a shock gobble, but they will not come.

Q: How many Turkeys am I allowed to harvest on the Ford Ranch n a spring hunt?

A: On the Ford Ranch, we allow you to take two gobblers on a full three day spring hunt.

Q: Why Do you hunt different days on the last weekend?

A: On this particular hunt the season closes on Sunday, so we start our hunt Thursday afternoon in order to get you the same amount of time in hunting.


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