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Buck hunts cost $3,400

You are allowed to take one Trophy Buck, and 4 Doe

A total of 18 hunters are allowed per weekend

Food and lodging are provided and all hunts are guided.

Each Guide has his own country. No one hunts in it but his hunters. He has 2 hunters per hunt. So he has to divid his time equally

ALL Guides know their Country and know how BEST to hunt it. You will have a Quality hunt, and a memorable experience.

On ALL Hunts, Hunters arrive Friday afternoon, in time to use the gun range.

Hunters Hunt Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and are allowed to stay till Tuesday morning.

Guides field dress, skin, and quarter all deer, placing the meat in clear plastic bags, and keeping them in a cooler kept at 34 degrees. Hunters must bring their own Ice Chest's

A guide is insulted if he receives less than $300 per Trophy Buck killed for the weekend hunt. Many times a guide will receive $400-$500 per Trophy Buck for a weekend hunt. If you feel your guide does not deserve a tip, take the issue up with Ranch Manger Forrest Armke.

With One Buck for every two Doe expect to see lots of rut activity. So bring your video cameras to film this action AFTER you get your Trophy Buck


Depending on availability, for $800 dollars extra (a total of $4,200) you are allowed to take One Trophy Buck one Management Buck (MUST be approved by guide) and three Doe

Management Hunts cannot be booked in advance due too unknown availability.


Ford Ranch is now operating under a Managed Lands Deer Program. (MLDP) All hunters are required to have a current Texas Hunting License. Hunters will no longer be allowed to tag deer with the tags on their Texas Hunting License. No data of deer taken on Ford Ranch will be required to be recorded on the back of the Texas Hunting License. MLDP tags assigned to Ford Ranch by the Tx. Parks and Wildlife Dept. will be attach to all deer harvested on Ford Ranch. Because Ford Ranch MLDP assigned tags are used on deer harvested here, the tags on the hunting license can still be used on more deer on another Texas Ranch. In this way the Hunter can legally take more deer in 2018 if the hunter chooses to do so. Under the MLDP program archery permits are not required. However Ford Ranch must be alerted to archery hunters before they arrive on the ranch. Not all guides are set up for archery hunting. We need to know in advance in order to be prepared for your hunt. Many deer are wounded and lost with arrows. If a archery hunter arrows a deer that is his deer. TEXAS HUNTING LICENSE CAN BE PURCHASED AT ANY TEXAS SPORTING GOOD DEPT. Non resident Texas Hunting License fee is $315. For those under 17 the hunting license cost is $7. DO NOT PURCHASE TEXAS HUNTING LICENSE ON LINE---- right before you leave on your hunting trip to Texas. The on line vendor will get all your info---E-mail you a receipt. After all this is done this vendor will than USPS mail you your Hunting License in 7 TO 10 days. YOU CAN NOT HUNT IN TEXAS WITH THE RECEIPT. YOU MUST HAVE THE LICENSE WITH YOU.

2019 Buck Weekends

HUNT # 1 Nov 17th - Nov 19th

HUNT # 2 Nov. 24th - Nov 26th

HUNT # 3 Dec 1st - Dec 3rd

HUNT # 4 Dec 8th - Dec 10th

HUNT # 5 Dec 15th - Dec 17th

HUNTS LEFT=7 call for weekend dates available

DOE HUNT Jan.11th - Jan 13th 2019

Doe weekend costs $700 for FIVE DEER

You are allowed to take Does ONLY!)

We do not provide Food or Lodging, HOWEVER we do allow camping, and a motel is only 15 miles away.

It is a Simi guided Hunt. Using their own vehicles Hunters are lead by the guide into his country. He assigns a hunting location to each hunter. After each hunt the guide leads his hunters back to camp. (This is necessary for the Ranch is spread out over 50 square miles)

Skin And Quartering and Field Dressing are available at these prices Skin and Quartering =$35

Under the Managed Land Deer Program (mldp) Ford Ranch is requied to harvest 200 more doe. Under the MLDP you must have a Texas Hunting liscense. You will use our permit tags. you do not use your Texas tags or write kills on the back of your Texas Liscense. 17 and under your Texas liscenses is $9

This Doe hunt will take place from noon Friday Jan. 11 till noon Sunday Jan. 13

$700= 5 Doe. NO CASH "OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED! Fivedoelimit can be shared among more than one person. no spikes or bucks allowed. A camp ground isprovided or a motel isonly 15 mile away. ( no rooms or meals providedon orby the Ranch) 1/2 deposit or full payment required to book.

Every hunter is required to have binoculars while hunting. No Fawns or bucks that have shed their antlers are allowed to be shot! You may shoot coyotes or hogs.

You will use your own transportation to follow your guide to and from your blind during each hunt.

Hunter Saftey

All Guns must be empty with bolts open before entering a Guides vehicle.

If a Guide feels his life is in danger he has the right too refuse any service to a client.


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